Friday, February 16, 2007


For the theme of ABC'S & 123'S, there are many themes that can be played at the shower.

Print out the baby shower game card shown above. Print one copy for each guest.

You can play this game individually or in teams of 2 or 3 people. Give each person (or team) a piece of paper and pen or pencil. Have them fill each line in with a baby related item (or pregnancy related item) that begins with that letter. Give everyone 6-8 minutes to fill out the card. Whichever person (or team) fills in the list most completely wins. Letters Q, X, Y, & Z can be very tricky. Tell the guest to be creative.


No preparation is needed for this game!

Begin with the expectant mother and have her say a baby name that begins with the letter "A". Then go to the next guest, who must say a baby name that begins with the letter "B". Continue around the room until you have gone through the whole alphabet, A - Z. If a guest cannot think of a name in 10 to 15 seconds, they are skipped and are out. If you make it to Z with more than one person still in the circle, then there are multiple winners or you can play another round, A through Z until there is only one person left in the game.


Before the Shower, go to the store and purchase 10 - 12 small baby items. Be sure to keep the receipt, so you know how much each baby item costs.

Items could include:

  • 1 Package of Diapers

  • 1 Bottle of Baby Food

  • 1 Package of 100 q-tips

  • 1 Bottle of multivitamins

  • 1 Bottle of Baby Powder

  • 1 Pair of Baby Shoes

  • 1 Onesie

  • 1 Bottle

  • 1 Pacifier

  • 1 Elmo stuffed animal

  • Any baby items that match your specific theme would be excellent items to have!

Then, make a list of the baby items on one side and a blank line on the other.

During the shower, give each guest a list and a pen. Show each item to the group and have them write down what they think it costs. Then have them add up their prices for all the items. The one closest to the actual total on your receipt (minus the tax) is the winner! Present the expectant mother with the baby items. She'll be needing them!

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